Further News Highlights

April 4, 2013 Good People’s American premiere announced in Lousiana !
“Good People go to Hell, Saved People go to Heaven” opens in Louisiana’s best Indie Venue.
For more infos and news, check the film’s facebook page

January 10, 2013 Join Baraka’s new facebook page and new twitter page!



December 30, 2012 American Radical Showing as a special on LINK TV !

September 10, 2012 New American Radical DVD in French available in France in many librairies !
Check the following links below: LES MUTINSLA FNACAMAZON

Sept 5, 2012 Check our new collaboration with Gobbo Films! The world premiere will be at IDFA 2012, on of the world’s top 5 venues for documentary films! Check the schedule on the IDFA website. UK based Mercury Media picks up the film for World TV sales.

August 4, 2012 Our printed excerpt of our interview with William Trubridge is available on the Huffington Post Also check another version of it on Revolve Magazine

May 20, 2012  Baraka Productions is completing this week Holly Hardman’s fascinating film  “Left Behind in Louisiana”.
Also joing our facebook page. Opening in Europe in the Fall and in North America in Spring 2013.

May 7, 2012 Our film “Breath: The Story of Will Trubridge will open in Sheffield in a few weeks! Check and like the trailer:

April 26, 2012  American Radical hottest show on AlJazeera this week !
American Radical was sold to and aired on Aljazeera World, Aljazeera Documentary Channel. AlJazeera Mena, Aljazeera Turkey

March 20, 2012   “One Breath”,  our short documentary on world champion William Trubridge will open in Europe in June 2012.

The short is part of a collection of 7 shorts on 7 of the world’s most incredible extreme sport athletes. Check our teaser !

March 18- 26, 2012  Aristide and the Endless Revolution airs on LINK TV

March 10, 2012   Aristide and the Endless Revolution airs on TUTV

January 16, 2012   Nicolas Rossier attends History Makers International

January 1, 2012   PBS Colorado to air American Radical on January 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20 and 21 at 8:00pm on Channel 12

December 15, 2011   Join the new IPFS-Political Films Facebook page to get the film pick of the week

June 30, 2011     Mercury Media to distribute American Radical in New Zealand, Turkey and on outlets in South America

May 24, 2011     Oscar Library files American Radical

May 15, 2011     Join the American Radical Facebook page and leave us your comments on the film

May 15, 2011     A number of PBS air dates are announced for American Radical in Virginia, Northern CaliforniaColoradoOhio, as well as many others

April 30, 2011     American Radical, winner of the CUFF/IFP and Cinema Politica Audience Award, will air on LinkTV as a special during this weekend and next week.

April 12, 2011       American Radical to air on Al Jazeera World.

March 20, 2011     The American Radical Al Jazeera World trailer is released

February 26, 2011  American Radical airs today  on Al Jazeera Mena

February 20, 2011  “The Man Who Freed Mandela” (Huffington Post and Eurasia Review): Nicolas Rossier interviews Nobel Peace Laureate F.W de Klerk during shooting for our series, “Searching for Peace: the

Story of the Nobel Laureates“, scheduled to be completed in Dec 2013. To view the teaser go on the site here.

February 5, 2011   Op-Ed by Nicolas Rossier on Haiti’s reconciliation in the Huffington Post and Eurasia Review.

February 1, 2011   Check out our new Facebook group that focuses on the best political films.

January 20, 2011  Nicolas Rossier appears on CBC radio show “As it Happens” for his exclusive interview with Aristide in exile!

January 19, 2011  Nicolas Rossier appears on RT’s CrossTalk show with Peter Lavelle, Ezili Danto and Stanley Lucas.

December 10, 2010  American Radical wins the Renoir Award for Best Anti-War Films. The award is named after the great French filmmaker

Jean Renoir, who directed the 1937 anti-militarism masterpiece, Grand Illusion.

December 5, 2010  American Radical named one of the top five political documentaries ever made.

December 1, 2010   Join the new Facebook page for Aristide and the Endless Revolution.

November 24, 2010   Nicolas Rossier is interviewed by Laura Flanders for the Nation magazine.

November 20, 2010  American Radical airs 30 times  primetime on LinkTV as a special

November 17, 2010 Nicolas Rossier appears on RT’s CrossTalk with Hyppolite Pierre and US Ambassador to Haiti, Ernest Preeg of the Haiti Democracy Project.

November 16, 2010  After a successful world TV premiere on Israeli TV Yes Docu, American Radical will air 10 times on RT International

in the US November 17-21, 2010.

November 11, 2010   Nicolas Rossier’s exclusive interview with former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appears on Eurasia Review and the Huffington Post.

October 10, 2010   American Radical is highly recommended by a top educational review online magazine.

May 8, 2010    Read an interview with the directors of American Radical, Nicolas Rossier and David Ridgen.

May 5, 2010    Aristide and the Endless Revolution is included in Partners in Health’srecommended resources list.

April 5, 2010   Our film American Radical has been selected by more than 30 festivals and venues worldwide and last week achieved an Amazon.com ranking of 7,000 – out of 1.3 million items.

For the most up-to-date news on the film visit our Facebook page!

April 1,  2010  More interesting reviews released for our film American Radical:  Rottentomatoes.com

Cineaste Magazine

The New York Times

The Jewish Forward


The Jewish Week

 January 12, 2010   Haiti has been plunged into complete chaos after the terrible earthquake. Please donate to these organizations to support the relief efforts:

Partners in Health,   American Red Cross,  UNICEF.  Donation buttons available on our site:

January 10, 2010    Our documentary American Radical opens in New York in 3 weeks. Visit the Anthology Film Archives for more details.

December 20, 2009   Our documentary American Radical has been screened in more than 20 festivals worldwide, including Sheffield, IDFA and the Jerusalem Jewish Film

Festival. Israeli and Palestinian TV premieres to be announced soon. Check our site for more details.

December 10, 2009   Visit the new Facebook page for American Radical.

October 20, 2009   Our documentary American Radical wins the Audience Choice Award at the IFP/Chicago Underground Film Festival.

September 10, 2009   Check out the new Spanish-language version DVD of our Noam Chomsky documentary On Power, Dissent and Racism.  Order here:

January 1, 2009   Our documentary Aristide has been acquired by CBC Radio Canada, Swiss TV, Planet TV, Cabsat TV Poland, Hispanic Television Network (HTVN), Public Senat France

Cabsat Scandinavia, SABC South Africa, and Historia in Spain.

September 24, 2008  Our documentary Aristide and the Endless Revolution to play at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem on Friday, October 3rd, 2008, at 7:30PM as part of their Haiti in Harlem event.

August 1, 2008  Baraka Productions is looking to acquire screenplays – political thrillers and dramas – for development. Treatments and resumes can be emailed to Nat at info@barakaproductions.com. We will attempt to respond to submissions within 2 – 4 days.

May 10, 2008   Our documentary Life is a Dream to be broadcast in the UK on the SKY Channel, Saturday May 24, 2008 at 10:00PM.

March 20, 2008    The US State Department ‘s own Voice of America writes about our television documentary The Bridge.

February 29, 2008   HITN (The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network), the largest Hispanic-American public television network in the US has acquired Aristide and the Endless Revolution.

January 14, 2008   Our award-winning documentary Aristide and the Endless Revolution (52-minute version) to open on the major French government-owned channel Public Senat on Saturday January 19, 2008.

December 17, 2007  Baraka Productions’ new television documentary series “The Bridge” to open nationally on the Hallmark Channel December 30th.  Baraka (with producers Jawad Metni and Nicolas Rossier) is proud to have helped produce the first reality show aimed at fostering understanding between the US and the Arab World. Download a PDF of The Bridge press release.

October 15, 2007  Propeller will be broadcasting our short film Leila on SKY channel 195 as part of its schedule for the next five weeks. Our film will premiere on Saturday, October 20th at 10:37pm – so check Propeller for daily listings in the UK and Europe.

April 20, 2007  The Bridge reality television show conceived and produced by Search for Common Ground with Baraka Productions will be directed by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Jon Alpert with DCTV New York. The show will air on Hallmark TV  in the Fall of 2007 and on cable networks in the Middle East.

February 10, 2007  Baraka sold the rights for the European TV market for Aristide and the Endless Rrevolution to ICTV-Solferino TV. Aristide will also be at MIPTV, Hot Docs and Vue d’Afriques.

February 1, 2007  Our award winning film Aristide and the Endless Revolution is named one of First Run Features “10 Best-Selling DVDs” from February to March of 2007.

January 20, 2007  Aristide and the Endless Revolution is sold to Venezuelan public TV, Polish TV, Canadian TV and Swiss TV and opened in more than 50 local and 20 international venues.

November 1, 2006 Brothers and Others will screen in La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 12 and 13 as part of the UNAFF Film Festival and will will air on November 13 @ 10:00pm on KTEH.

September 15, 2005  Press conference for Aristide and the Endless Revolution at the World Affairs Council of Northern California.

August 15, 2005  Brothers and Others airs on September 4 @ 12:00pm on the Hallmark Channel (USA), a 24-hour nationally distributed cable television network that has entry into more than 62 million homes each week.

July 30, 2005  Aristide and the Endless Revolution premieres at the NY Video Festival at Lincoln Center. Brothers and Others to renew licensing with Hallmark Channel for four more primetime airings and will air for a third time on Bridges TV, the most-watched Muslim TV station.

February 1, 2005 Brothers and Others is reviewed in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the National ReviewEducational Review Online recommends Brothers and Others and Aljadid dubs Brothers and Others one of the most important films on Arab predjudice.

October 15, 2004     Brothers and Others to play at Asia Society in New-York followed by a debate with filmmaker Nicolas Rossier,  National Review Columnist Heather Mac Donald

and Adem Carroll from ICNA Relief Programs.

October 1,  2004    Brothers and Others to be shown again on Swiss National TV at 9:30pm September 6, 2004

August 15, 2004   Brothers and Others shown at the Imagine Film Festival on August 31 @ 7pm at Two Boots Theater

July 18, 2004  Brothers and Others available for renting at Netflix

July 15, 2004    Brothers and Others airs for the 4th time on Hallmark Television as part of the World of Faith and Values on Sunday Sept 12 @ 12 am and 1pm

May 15, 2004   Nicolas Rossier to appear on Jean-Philippe Rapp’s program Zig Zag Cafe(TV5 and TSR) with some sequences of his last documentaries Brothers and Others and Life is a Dream.

 May 15,  2004 –  Brothers and Others on several channels

Brothers and Others picked up by Hallmark channel, LINK TV, CBC Radio Canada, Swiss National TV, Danish National TV, Polish TV Planete and many others.

May 5, 2004 – Brothers and Others airs soon on  PBS San Jose Video I  program!

May 4, 2004  Our programs on sale on Amazon

Find our films on Amazon.com – Brothers and Others, Life is a Dream and our Chomsky special DVD “On Power Dissent and Racism’ are now available

March 1, 2004  Brothers and Others to air on PBS San Jose’s  (KTEH)  Video I program hosted by Blanche Shaheen.

November 1, 2003  Baraka releases DVD On Power, Dissent and Racism, a discussion with social critics Noam Chomsky

The 65 minutes video is edited from a series of speaches and one interview given by the renown linguist and social critics in the months following the attacks on the Twin Towers.

October 3, 2003  Brothers and Others to show again in NY after 50 screenings in the US and abroad.

Where: Anthology Film Archives  Wednesday and Thursday Dec. 17 &amp 18 at 8pm  on 32 Second Avenue & Second Street

September 3, 2003  Life is a Dream will be playing at the Pioneer Theater on Oct 4th and 5th

August 3, 2003  Brothers and Others  will be screened in Trento, Turin, Seattle, Burlington, New York City and will premiere in

Holland at the prestigious Amsterdam International Film Festival.    For screening dates, please email bess@barakaproductions.com

May 25, 2004 – Leila at Rhodes Island, Tiburon and Rotterdam Film Festival

Baraka Productions produced Jean-Cyril Rossier’s short drama film Leila. The film was shown on Propeller TV and screened in many festivals including

the a-list international film festival in Rotterdam.

July 3, 2003 – Brothers and Others to air on Link TV and United Nations Festival

Our documentary Brothers and Others is showing on Spotlight documentary series, LINK TV investigative documentary strand this next week.

 June 15, 2003- Brothers and Others @ United Nations

Brothers and Others has been selected at the prestigious United Nations Association Film festival. The fest will take place at the Stanford Film Society at Stanford University from October 22-26, 2003.

June 10, 2003 – Our short film Leila wins prestigious price in Nancy France.

Leila, a short fiction directed by Jean-Cyril Rossier and produced by Baraka, won the First Jury Price of the professional jury of the 15 th Audiovisual Festival of Nancy. The festival was the 26,27,28 of May 2003. The topic of this year was ” specialised pedagogy”. This festival is organized by the University of Nancy in France.

 February 25, 2003 – Brothers and Others national premiere!

Brothers and Others by Nicolas Rossier on the Hallmark national cable channel. A US and International premiere June 1 2003 Sunday noon, ET/PT Hallmark reaches 100 million subscribers nationwide and internationally. Hallmark Channel (one of the leading national cables in the US) is distributed through 2,800 cable systems and communities and direct-to-home satellite services across the country. Crown Media Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: CRWN) owns and operates Hallmark Channel, which, in addition to the U.S., is distributed worldwide to 120 international countries. The combined channels reach 100 million subscribers globally. To find your Hallmark channel visit  and go under channel finder.

February 20, 2003 – Brothers and Others screening announced:.

Brothers and Others will be shown at the first Human Right film fest in Geneva (FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM SUR LES DROITS HUMAINS) from the 28th of March to the third of April 2003.

February 10, 2003 – Leila @ the Rotterdam International Film Festival

Our short film Leila, directed by Jean-Cyril Rossier, has had a very successful opening last month in Paris a the kodak Center with more than two hundred entries.

The film will premiere at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival and at the Soleure Film fest during the month of January. Check both websites for screening details.

February 7, 2003 – Brothers and Others finds 2 distributors

After a very successful premiere at the screening room in New York last November, our documentary Brothers and Others has beeen acquired by Award winning distributor Arab film for the educational market and home videos in the USA and will be internationaly distributed by Award winning distributor Monarch films.

Until further notice, Baraka Productions will keep the US and Swiss rights for TVS and home videos.

February 5, 2003 – Intern with film Background wanted:.

Do you want to learn in a small ambitious start up? Baraka Productions is looking for a bright, highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starter who wants to pursue and advance in a career in Production, distribution, marketing and publicity. Ideal candidate possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills, has the ability to multi-task, works well under pressure and takes initiative. Responsibilities include coordinating, production mailing, maintaining organized databases and files, helping in distribution, research and post production matters. Candidate must have a great attitude with desire to be noticed and ambition for the company. Editing skills, camera skills and languages are a plus.    Please submit a resume with cover letter to info@barakaproductions.com

January 7, 2003  – Script wanted

Baraka is interested in acquiring scripts to produce feature films and original documentaries. Please send short synopsis or treatment with contact details to info@barakaproductions.com

January 5, 2003 – “Life is a Dream” was recently acquired.

“Life is a Dream” was recently acquired by two Swiss televisions (DRS1 and TSR 1) and has been recently screened by the Brooklyn Young filmmakers series.

January 1, 2003  –   SwissAm Film Fest announced!

Produced by Baraka Productions and Vagabond Films, the Swiss American Film Festivalwill provide independent filmmakers from Switzerland and the United States an opportunity to showcase their work as an ensemble. The festival will launch in Spring 2003 within the SWISSPEAKS festival and will continue as an annual event thereafter. The purpose of this week is to build bridges between the US and Swiss film community allowing for the open exchange of ideas and business opportunities. It will focus on the best of emerging talents from both countries. The festival will be open to features, documentaries, short and animation films. Audience Awards in each categories will be given at the end of the event. The festival will be hosted at the prestigious Anthology Film Archives on the lower East side of Manhattan.